CS-40 Service Fee
CS-40 Service Fee CS-40 Service Fee CS-40 Service Fee

CS-40 Service Fee

Category: TGSF
Price: $99

Service fee

 The service fee for the charging station with TGEP add-on module is $99/station. The service fee is only for commercial stations. Residential  stations don't have service fee at this moment.

When is the service fee renewed?

 The service fee is renewed on the anniversary date of the order date when you ordered the TGEP add-on.


How can I benefit from the service fee?

 As an owner of the charging station fitted with TGEP add-on you get revenue for the charging station after its usage by the customers. As an owner you can designate your charging station as a public station. The customers signed by under the TGEP website can access these charging stations. TGEP network has multiple  authentication styles. The owners dictates the authentication mode. 


How can i convert my residential station to commercial?

 Residential customers have the option of converting the residential charging station to commercial. Simply click on the convert button.

Additional Question?

 Check our FAQ/Support pages for more answers on some of the commonly asked questions.

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