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TGEP ADD-ON For Clippercreek CS series

TGEP CS Division sells add-on modules for Clippercreek CS charging stations. These add-on modules transform the Clippercreek CS charging station to a fully automated networked charging station designed for commercial, business and residential applications.


Customers with EV:  For registered customers on our website they can charge their vehicle in any CS assigned as commercial/Public in the TGEP network. Click the map search for public charging stations. 

CS Owners :  CS Owner with add-on have two options. They can define their CS ownership as residential or commercial. Commercial CS owners can make money out of the CS when an EV user uses the charging station to charging there vehicle.

Property Managers / Lessor :  A system designed for people who put their CS as a lease in parking lots that are not owned by them. 

Dealers : Back-end support for dealers to facilitate their business.


These modules connected to Amazon AWS cloud computing services  through Wi-Fi or cat5e/6 cable connection.  The website provides users with real time data on the charging stations.