CS 40 TGEP Add-on no Pedestal
CS 40 TGEP Add-on no Pedestal CS 40 TGEP Add-on no Pedestal CS 40 TGEP Add-on no Pedestal

CS 40 TGEP Add-on no Pedestal

Category: TGNAONP
Price: $2350

 Product Info

 Brand new Clippercreek EVSE CS-40 Level 2 charging station, with in-built TGEP add-on module which includes a 7'' TFT display. Good for wall mounting.NO PEDESTAL.

UL listed with smart software that self-checks the unit, Ground Fault protection, service ground monitor which constantly checks for presence of proper safety ground. 


EVSE Product Specs

  • Service Entrance : 208V to 240V – 30 to 100 Amps, single phase, 2 wire w/ ground.

  • 17'' W X 14'' H x 6'' D

  • Operating temperature -10 F to 115 F


What does it do?

The built in add-on with display screen adds networking capabilities to the product. The add-on makes the evse much smarter. The add-on could be for residential or commercial purpose. For residential customers; allows them to monitor the usage of their station through  www.tgeponline.com/cs website. For commercial customers it gives revenue potential. For companies and corporation where multiple employees use a charging station; HR can assign them pin numbers for use of charging station. No more arguing over the cs time among employees.


How can I benefit from it?

 This add-on was designed for people who want to modify there charging station to make it networked and add different functionality to it.  There are four different type of clients accessing the system.

  • Customers : People who drive an electric vehicles can use the TGEP assigned commercial charging stations at different places. The rates are dictated by owners of the charging station.

  • Owners (Residential) : Existing or new owners of charging station using for personal purpose  can upgrade  the charging station by adding this module. Its give the owners a lot more control on the system which includes the availability of usage data on the website.

  • Owners (Commercial ) : Service fee for a commercial CS is $99/yr for a charging station. Existing or new owners of charging station using for commercial purpose can add this module for income generation purpose. Commercial CS allows other registered customers to access the system. The owners gets income on their charging station because of usage by customers. Companies which use charging station can get authentication for the employees through pin numbers which can be assigned by HR or a manager.  

  • Dealers/ CS Lessors : Authorized agents selling on our behalf gets  back-end support to facilitate there business.


Whats Inside the add-on?

Comes with a powerful credit card sized 1.2 GHz 64-bit quad core Raspberry Pi, custom PCB, 12 volt adapter, Wi-Fi adapter, non-invasive AC current sensor and box to fit into the station. Can be connected to existing network using a cat 5e/6 or Wi-Fi adapter. Easy to configure. Operating temperature is between -10 F and 115 F.


How do I install & configure the add-on?

Click on the installation manual provided within this page at the bottom.


Shipping included in price. Shipped through USPS. Lead time 3-4 Weeks. Please refer to our terms and privacy condition page for additional answers on policy of company.


Additional Question?


Check the FAQ section in the website for additional information.


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