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Q. What does the TGEP Add-on Do?

A. The add-on module upgrades the Clippercreek CS model level 2 charging station with a J1772 plug type into a fully automated networked kiosk capable of remote monitoring, authenticating multiple users, generating usage data etc.

Q. How do I use the charging station?

A. You have to register yourself as a customer on this site to use a charging station. The registration process is simple, with added security. Click on the register button. Your registration will be complete once you make the five dollar deposit in your account as a payment.

Q. What is the minimum deposit amount required for adding funds to your account?

A.The minimum you can add to your account is two dollars; addition funds are added in increment of two dollars.

Q. Can I use the add-on module with any other charging station(EVSE) instead of clipper creek?

A. At the present moment, the add-on is compatible with Clippercreek CS series system which has the J1772 plug. However, some users have reported using the same system for other charging stations like Leviton, Eaton etc. We cannot validate those claims at this moment even though technically it will work with any level 2 EVSE however as time passes we will be working on the compatibility of adding additional charging stations for the add-on module and inform you about the progress. Its in our best interest to make the add-on module compatible with most of the J1772 level two charging stations.

Q. What are the requirements for the add-on?

A. Internet connectivity and PayPal account are the two main requirements for the add-on. Internet connectivity can be installed with a CAT5e/6 cable or with Wi-Fi.

Q. I have a clipper creek; it is an HCS/LCS model can I put an add-on module on it?

A. At the moment the add-on only works on the CS model, however some of our customers have added the add-on to the LCS model. We haven’t authenticated, tested or verified these claims at this moment.

Q. Why is my screen blank/black when the charging station is working fine?

A. The add-on is powered by a dual output type adapter from one of the lines of the charging station. The adapter powers the LED screen as well as the add-on raspberry pi processor. Check the cables coming to the add-on module adapter from the line of the charging station.

Q. Can I upgrade my raspberry pi inside the charging station?

A. The add-on was designed for raspberry pi version 3 model B and our PCBs are designed for the model of raspberry pi. However, we constantly upgrading our system. Once a stable upgrade is available which can work with our system, we will inform you about it on the website.

Q. Can I upgrade my service was from residential to commercial?

A. Yes, you can upgrade your charging station from residential service to commercial service by clicking on the "convert to commercial" icon.

Q. How much is a service fee for the residential station?

A. At the present moment, the residential station service fee is zero dollars

Q. What kind of report do I get for the residential station?

A. The residential charging station gets two kinds of report. Usage & KWh on a monthly basis.

Q. Is there a warranty on the add-on product?

This product is sold “AS-IS”. This means that there is no warranty on the product. Since we use off the shelf product, we get the same type of deal like a normal retail person would. Please refer to the terms and conditions on the website.

Q. Can I get spare/replacement parts for the add-on?

A. Most of the parts used for the add-on module is off the shelf products and hence the parts are available in the market. Customized PCB: we store it in bulk so you should be able to get spare/replacement parts for all of the add-on module components.

Q. Will my Clippercreek system get messed up because of me adding the add-on?

A. The add-on module does not change or interfere in any way with the main system. The Clippercreek functions just as normal EVSE. The add-on basically reads the stages that are put out by Clippercreek charging station and does many functions based on the status. Note : we haven’t seen it mess up or damage any system.

Q. The screen restarts itself multiple times, what should I do?

A. If the screen starts multiple times it can be related to multiple issues. If the charging station was working before and now all of a sudden it restarts itself, there might be an issue with the PCB. Contact us at 630-847-1421 to see if you will be able to get yourself a replacement for the faulty PCB. However, if the put together with all the components and started, and the system the screen still starts multiple times, the problem could be the wrong connection of the wires, most probably the 40 pin wire connected to Rpi.

Q. The charging station is not detecting the vehicle connected to it, and the stages are not getting recognized correctly?

A. This could be a major or minor issue related to grounding.The minor issue is the one of the cable connected to service ground has come loose in the PCB. Reinserting the cable will fix the issue. Major issue would be that your EVSE doesn't have a proper ground. Please refer to NSE code for proper grounding in equipments.

Q. Why is my site ID not showing up on the screen?

If your site ID is not showing up, there is a problem with your network connectivity or Internet connectivity. Please check your Internet connection to the kiosk and make sure that you have an Internet connection on the add-on module.

Q. How much is the service for a commercial station?

A. The services fee for the commercial station is $99 a year.

Q. How do I get a new Charging Station with TGEP Add-on?

A. On the website click on the product link and then click on the “New CS with TGEP add-on”. Click on the product page. You should have a couple of different products to choose from. We sell the pedestal too. The pedestal comes in 3 different types of colors. Gunmetal, yellow and green.

Q. How do I configure a non-display TGEP Add-on module & will it fit any Level 2 existing EVSE?

A. The add-on currently only fits the Clippercreek CS series. We are testing for other charging stations. You will get info about the add-on for other models when it becomes compatible with TGEP add-on module. The non-display based TGEP add-on module is configured through a hotspot. Check your confirmation email you have received. That email should contain your CS Site ID number. Your hotspot will be the TGEP-CS-XXXX(the number you got). You will need a Wi-Fi enabled laptop / android device / apple product to configure the hotspot. Click on the Wi-Fi setting and choose the network which will be TGEP-CS-XXXX. The password for the hotspot is 12345678. Click on the Connect button to connect to the Wi-Fi. Now open any browser and type in this will open up a TGEP configuration webpage. You can configure the station through this webpage.

Q. What component are inside the TGEP add-on?

A. The TGEP add-on module has Raspberry Pi processor Version 3 Model B, 12v dual output adapter, custom PCB, Rpi 7’’ TFT Display, a current sensor etc.

Q. Is there a fan inside the add-on box or the CS station? What is the operating temperature of the module?

A. There is no fan inside the CS or the add-on module. The add-on is powered by raspberry pi, version 3 model b which is designed for temperatures between -22F and 115F. The operating temperature for the module - as during our test - is -5 F to 115 F. Most of the components chosen for the PCB, adapter with dual power mode, LCD is designed for this operating temperature. We have seen erratic behavior on the display screen, PIR, OCR camera & cables when the temperature reaches above 125F. There are also reports of the screen that are not responding to human touch at -25F but responding to stylus.

Q. The screen is not responding and it is so cold outside?

A. We recommend carrying a stylus with you in extremely cold temperatures. It makes operating the display screen much easier.

Q. How can access my usage info?

A. The usage report is found under the account section after you login with your credentials.

Q. How do I know if the CS is working when there is no display and I have installed the TGEP add-on module?

A. Open up the CS station and look inside the module to the right side you will see 2 led lights. The led lights on raspberry pi should blinking green and steady red. The PCB should be blinking yellow.

Q. I have installed an add-on module and I am residential customer. My trigger button is not working?

A. There can be numerous reasons why the trigger button wouldn't work. The FCI cable is not plugged in. The add-on comes with a Y-5 Pin FCI cable. The bottom part of the Y goes to the PCB on the charging station and of the other two, one goes to the door for the CS and the second goes to the PCB of the add-on module. Please check the connection on both the side to make sure it's snuggled in. If cables are plugged in, check for the configuration on the website for time of the day event. If you have defined the time of the day event then the CS will only operate during those time.

Q. How strong should my Wi-fi signal be, for the add-on to work?

A. Take your cell phone or any Wi-Fi enabled device and take it to the location where you want to install the CS. Check the signal strength of the Wi-Fi at that location. If the signal strength is less than 40% TGEP add-on might not work properly. Other option can be the following: you have to use a signal booster or cat5e/6 cable.

Q. I want to use the charging networking service but I don't have paypal account?

A. Please call our US office at 630-847-1421 to discuss other options.

Q. The display says “No Network connection” even though there is networking available.

A. The system is depending on the availability of the internet connection and also the connection to the AWS(Amazon Web services). If the AWS connection is down, there is a possibility that it will show as “No network connection”. Amazon web services has a downtime which should be less than 5%, so if this is a recurring problem then please call your network administrator as there might be a network issue.

Q. What is Error Code #1001?

A. Error code #1001 is signaling that the station cannot communicate with AWS(Amazon Web Service).

Q. What is required to install a Level 2 charging station at my house?

A. The level 2 CS is a 220V charging station which is same as an electric dryer or an A/C unit which you might have in your house. The charging station needs a single phase 208-220v and it uses both of the legs in the circuit breaker.

Q. Why does the fuse of the whole building keep blowing up, instead of the 50 amp 220v fuse, when I use the charging station?

A. The charging system with a level 2 has different types of amperage under the CS series. The reasons for fuse blowing which we have encountered are listed below.

  1. The two fuses’ do not have a coordinated time current characteristics which could be the reason, if the 15A is dual-element time delay 15A fuse vs renewable fusible element-type 100A fuse.
  2. A high-resistance connection at or near the main fuse heats its fusible element by thermal conduction to its melting point. The heat injected into the fusible element causes it to blow also when a fault occurs to a heavily loaded, heated 100A fuse and to an unloaded, cold 15A fuse. It’s possible bigger fuses get a head start in clearing a fault.
  3. A history of current surges damages the fusible element of the main fuse, elevating its trip temperature many times too close to the point of melting, resulting in a “softening” of its element, allowing it to blow.

Best way to troubleshoot this would be to use an infrared imaging instrument under load to find “hot areas.” You can see damaged fuses or loose, heated connections in a thermogram and make repairs.

Q. How can I install the add-on into my CS?

A. Check the installation file in the product description for the detailed installation manual of the product.

Q. How do get paid with CS?

A. If you are a commercial charging station owner under TGEP network you are paid on 75th day of the transaction. All amounts are calculated on the 25th of the month and then disbursed on the 3rd of the month.