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Located in Crest Hill, IL, close to the intermodal transport. We are uniquely equipped to handle any EV needs.

10 to 25% OFF on Charging Stations, Customised Charging Solutions for EV with Networking, Payment system for EVSE, Cheapest Price in Midwest Area.



TGEP sells EV Charging Stations Level 2 & DC Charging Station, networked Electric Vehicle station with payment gateway, 7'' Display,  and custom software solutions for electric vehicles charging station. We at TGEP resell charging stations and also design, engineer & integrate key components for EV charging station which makes your system smarter and more efficient.  



We  develop solutions for EVSE networking and EV Vehicles

     >Networking for EV Charging Station.

>Load Sharing for EVSE

     >Payment gateways for Charging Station networking.

>Reseller for Multiple Manufacturers