TGEP provides three distintive solutions.

EV System Solutions Provider,

Charging stations,  



EV Solutions Provider is for all intentisve pupose a hardware division with a mix of old school and new enginners. TGEP provides hardware and solutions for electric vehicles.We at TGEP prototype, design, engineer & integrate key components for EV which makes your system possible.  


We can develop in EV and Autonomous Vehicles , Ground-up design requiring the development of electric traction motor & invertors. Electric drive train systems. Battery Package equipped with an advanced BMS. Gas engine-driven generator with convertor with system controller containing hybrid control coding, vehicle control and instrumentation.  


The Embedded Software will do contribution  to our automotive Battery Management System (BMS) , global position control systems,  team have the responsibility to develop embedded code & algorithms for the next generation of electric vehicle products.


•    Design and implement embedded software for next generation of automotive products

•    Specify, design and implement functionality

•    Perform requirement analysis and implement resulting solutions

•    Create and execute test plans, test scripts and test automation

•    Design and develop algorithms to perfect system performance


From the product inception to customer’s satisfaction, our team members are an integral part of the EV ecosystem.




At TGEP, we  provide software services for EV automotive, autonomous vehicles and  robotics,. We develop embedded software for 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit controllers with single and multi-core processing units. Our software services offer complete, accurate, efficient and effective solutions for our customers.


TGEP expertise spans from architecture level to device drivers, including platform independent libraries and real-time application code.


Application Layer Application Software, Application Specific Libraries, Application Configuration,


Sofware Integration, System Integration     Communication Protocols    


Operating Systems Libraries Layer     Model Based Software Libraries, Diagnostics, Safety, Security, Utilities, Application Standards, Common Algorithms, Application Common Libraries     CAN / Ethernet / Serial / Modbus / BACnet / OPC     Proprietary RTOS / Windows CE / Linux / Android / iOS Platform Layer     Platform Independent Software - Hardware Abstraction Layer, Hardware Interfaces, OS Independent Libraries, Communication Protocol Abstraction        

Hardware Layer     Platform Dependent Layer - Analog, Digital, PWM Signals, MicroController, FPGA and ASIC        




We engineer, manufacture and test the embedded software, electronics and vehicle network communications in millions of vehicles around the world.


•    BMS,  Body/Controller ECU

•    Power Supplies, Network Interfacing (CAN/LIN/Ethernet/WiFi/BT)

•    Relevant to Design tools ( ORCAD, PADs, Altium).

•    Device driver development

•    Mixed signal board design : ADC, DAC, MUX etc

•    Switching regulators and LDOs based onboard power supply design

•    Signal Integrity analysis – Analysis of high speed interfaces like PCI Express, USB, Ethernet etc

•    Board validation , DVT, Eye diagram analysis using SI tools, Oscilloscope and Logic Analyzers and Knowledge of Thermal and EMI/EMC analysis


System architecture; issue debugging; collecting parametric electrical data, embedded C; microcontrollers; automotive electronics; device drivers;  RTOS; firmware; systems engineering; 12C, SPI, Embedded software, program management, system integrators, microprocessors, Bluetooth, product development, engineering management / project lead etc.