TGEP(The Green Electric Product)  as the name suggest is involved in electric vehicle solutions  in United States. Our main focus is to design / engineer / prototype EV charging station networking,  for transportation. TGEP intial goal was to access the asian market for three-wheeler based electric vehicle but then reorgainised the goal with emphasis to the US market.  


TGEP offers networking solutions  to OLD or NEW EV charging stations.  TGEP started putting upgrade/add-on kits to Old ClipperCreek CS Units  for existing EV customers. The old version of upgrade/add-on kits came with a Raspberry pi Version 3, custom PCB and 7'' display screen. Later TGEP upgraded the upgrade kit to Raspberry Pi Version 4, 7 inch display screen, custom PCB with capability to incorpoarte and  upgrade most EVSE on the ground, credit card readers etc, as more units got upgraded on the ground. TGEP is now concentrating its efforts in embedded  software solutions for electric vehicles charging. Making electric vehicle charging prototypes for future manufacturing productions is one of our passion.