* Retired NASA Engineer

* Recipent of several  Government

  EV Projects

* 20+ years of exp in conversions.

* Brains begin fastest Electric


* Pioneer in EMUS Technology.

* Contributor to EV motor design

  and development.

* Here is his story on ABC News


* Retired IBM Engineer

* Former Grainger System Developer

* 8+ years of exp in  conversions.

* Implemenation of Plug-in kits.

* Designing & Devolpment of EV


* Contributor to green systems and


* Here is his story on ABC News


* Research in maximizing profits

  for green energy  products.

* Statistical Analyst & promotor for

  EV devolpements.

* Designing, Devolpment &

  implementation of green energy

* Integration of  Solar Power

  Windmill and EV devolpement.

* Turnkey Projects for Alt Energy.

* PV and Wind Mill Site Accessor

TGEP(The Green Electric Product) located at 840 Brian Dr, Crest Hill as the name suggest is involved in electric vehicle solutions  in Illinois and surrounding areas. Our main focus is to design / engineer / prototype EV,  for transposration. TGEP was formed when founder Tony George met former owners of now closed company "pioneer conversions Lemont,IL "  and the two John's  (John Emde and John Jeide)  started looking for a new location for there conversion business. TGEP intial goal was to access the asian market for three-wheeler based electric vehicle but then reorgainised the goal with emphasis in the local market. TGEP is now concentrating its efforts in embedded  software soltuions for electric vehicles. Making electric vehicle prototypes for future manufacturing productions is one of our passion.